The Spam Experiment

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


So I've started to see that a spammer has gotten angry with me.

They're now out sending spam with my name and my company's name in the body of the message. We've also seen an increase in the amount of spam we're getting at work. Specifically to a couple of addresses that were on our web site.

I have seen a couple of angry newsgroup posts were people are angry with me about the spam experiement. They tracked down my company name and the email addresses from the site and posted them to newsgroups. I can only assume they've also posted them into some places where spammers will get a hold of them.

I find it sort of funny because that was the POINT of the whole experiment. We want to get MORE spam.

I guess they think that their sending spam is going to get me blacklisted. However the RBLs work off of IP Addresses. A spammer cannot spoof my IP address as my mail server is registered with a proper PTR record. You can't spoof that kind of thing. So we really don't have any risk of getting blacklisted because of this idiot.

It is a good sign that my experiement is getting these people mad at me. That means they really don't want us setting up decoy's to trick them into spamming us. That is after all how we track them and create better filters to eliminate their junk.

On another note... Did you see that total amount of spam worldwide seems to be diminishing? I'll keep an eye on it and if I see any more news articles about it will publish a link here.

- Ben Fitts


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