The Spam Experiment

Monday, February 14, 2005

In less than 3 months we hit 50% spam

We setup the tuffwebhosting domain in mid December for this spam test. In less than 3 months we've now seen spam take over the majority of email coming in on this domain. Spam for last week comprised 52.61% of all email coming into this domain!

We didn't do much to get to this point. We fileld out a few opt-in requests but did NOT approve any of them.

We also sent a few messages to usenet newsgroups.

This is the kind of thing that normal people do every day without realizing the impact this will have on their email. In less than 3 months our new domain name is now 52.61% spam and 20.38% viruses. Thats 83% junk email coming into our new domain!

This goes to show how important it is to teach your employees to not publish their addresses anywhere. It goes to show that even if you fill out a form and opt-out or do not verify your address that spammers will still send you junk mail.

It also goes to show how important a good spam filter is.... Even better a traffic shaping appliance that can block stuff at the gateway and prevent all that junk mail from coming in to your network and taking up network resources!

Here are the results from last week. 2/7/2005 2/13/2005
Total Emails 2158
Spams 1919 88.92%
Suspect 0 0.00%
Virus 1 0.05%

Total Emails: 211
Spams: 111 52.61%
Suspected Spam: 1 0.47%
Virus: 43 20.38%

- Ben Fitts


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