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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Opt Out lists

I found a new site called Opt Out By Domain.

It was started by a small ISP in Oklahoma. They have partnered with several spammers/email marketing companies. These companies promise to allow you to opt out an entire domain name from their mailing lists.

How does it work?

You have to be a registered owner of the domain. You then join Opt Out by Domain. They have a free edition which allows you to opt out one domain. This is then printed on their opt out list. Email Marketers would then be able to download a list of the domain names to scrub their lists against. It is similar to the Do Not Call registry.

The free version requires you to register one opt-in email address that will opt-in to email marketing campaigns from their partner companies. They also have a paid version which is relatively cheap at this point. It is only $12 per year to join the paid version.

These guys also run a site called where they prosecute spammers that have targeted their ISP service. In theory they'd also use Sue A Spammer to prosecute marketing companies that join Opt Out By Domain but refuse to abide by their standards.

Again this is an interesting idea. It is still in its infancy and certainly won't hurt anyone to try it out. $12 is not much to pay for reducing the amount of spam someone receives!

However it is a new idea. There is no guarantee it will work. This could just be a clever way for spammers to collect email addresses.

I joined a couple of email addresses/domains. I'll keep you posted of my results!

- Ben Fitts


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