The Spam Experiment

Monday, January 03, 2005

My first spam hate mail

It was inevitable.

Someone was going to get mad at me for my spam experiment.

What is funny is that this guy is supposedly some sort of system administrator or networking type. He is mad because I posted some messages to the normal newsgroups with the intent of getting spam.

The problem with this theory of his.... Is that a GOOD spammer is going to know better than to post to a "spamtrap" newsgroup. Just as they know better than to post to certain domain names, email addresses, etc.

A good spammer looks for things that are possible clues that he is emailing a decoy account. One of the things they don't do any more is to send mail to postmaster. Why? Because a postmaster is the guy who controls the email service on the computer. A postmaster has the ability to blacklist him. So spammers avoid emailing those types of individuals.

Similarly a GOOD spammer is going to be smart enough to not harvest the alt.spam alt.alt.spamtrap type of newsgroups. He is going to harvest very popular newsgroups with 25,000 plus messages. So that is the type of newsgroup I posted to.

I also posted some into the spamtraps. That way we can actually analyze the data and see if this theory is correct.

So read his tirade on alt.spam. Check it out it is pretty funny. He is mad at me and now asking other people to spam me. That is exactly what I want! I want people to try and spam me! I want them to attack this server. I want to see if the server can handle it. His getting mad at me and posting messages on several newsgroups only HELPS my cause.

- Ben <- yes this is a real email. I dare you to spam it ;)


  • Haha. Brilliant :)

    By Blogger Eddie, at January 4, 2005 at 1:06 PM  

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