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Monday, January 31, 2005

January Stats

January Stats are in: (up to Jan. 30th) (pre-existing)
Totals Percentage
Total Emails 5338
Spams 4125 77.28%
Suspect 13 0.24%
Virus 120 2.25%

New domain setup just for this test:

Total Emails: 509
Spams: 161 31.63%
Suspected Spam: 0 0.00%
Virus: 128 25.15%

Note the surprising number of viruses! 25% That is a HUGE numebr of viruses. It is almost entirely coming to addresses that were used in posting messages to newsgroups. Some of the addresses appeared in the body of the message. Some appeared in the header. Both are getting viruses and spams, but they are getting almost as much spam as they are getting viruses!

This leads me to believe that you should be very careful of any email addresses you use if you post to newsgroups. You may even want to use an entirely fictitious email address.

As far as viruses go... Here are the stats from one of my two servers:
65 0 65
15 0 15
9 0 9
8 0 8
2 0 2
2 0 2
1 0 1
1 0 1

A combination of recent viruses and some VERY old viruses like Gibe-F which are 14 months old. What the heck are these viruses doing in the wild? I just don't understand! Are people running without any virus scanner at all? Are they surfing porn on newsgroups without a virus scanner? Are they using a Microsoft based newsreader like Outlook Express without a virus scanner? LOOK how dangerous it is. I haven't posted anything for weeks and yet I'm getting hit by more viruses now than ever before.

People, please do me a favor. Pay the $30 for an anti-virus scanner and install it on your machine. Make sure it is set to download automatic updates at least once per week. And make sure it actively scans any incoming email.

- Ben Fitts


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